Keyword: Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLP)

Pediatricians contributing to poverty reduction through clinical-community partnership and collective action: A narrative review

A.F. Beck, L.E. Marcil, M.D. Klein, A.M. Sims, A.A. Parsons, A.N. Shah, C.L. Riley, O.N.R Bignall 2nd, A.W. Henize, R.S. Kahn, N.I. Unaka
Acad Pediatr

Poverty affects child health and well-being in short- and long-term ways, directly and indirectly influencing a range of health outcomes through linked social and environmental challenges.

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Peer Reviewed Research

To improve the health and well-being of their patients, healthcare innovators are working to systematically screen patients for social, economic, or other non-healthcare needs and link them with appropriate services provided internally or through community partner organization

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