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Minding gaps in health care and social care

Cacioppo A, Shiu E, Samuel L
Presentations from 2022 SIREN National Research Meeting: Racial Health Equity in Social Care

Speakers: Alexis Cacioppo (The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine), Eva Shiu (University of Chicago), Laura Samuel (Johns Hopkins School of Nursing)

Moderator: Reggie Tucker-Seeley (ZERO-The End of Prostate Cancer)

Discussant: Stephanie Walker (Patient Insight Institute; SIREN)


The presentations on this panel explored how racism at multiple levels interacts with social needs trajectories.

  1. “Food insecurity and healthcare-based discrimination among predominantly African American/Black parents and caregivers of children hospitalized during the COVID-19 pandemic” [PDF] by Alexis Cacioppo
  2. “Nuanced interventions & policies are needed to address the widening gap in health-related socioeconomic risks experienced by East and Southeast Asian women during the COVID-19 pandemic” [PDF] by Eva Shiu
  3. “Food insecurity, race, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participation: The racial SNAP gap” [PDF] by Laura Samuel
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