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National surveys gauging prevalence of social care-related activities in the health care sector

Y. Cartier, M. Pantell, E. De Marchis, L. Gottlieb

In 2018, SIREN researchers reviewed the findings from 23 different national surveys collected through September 2018 that included questions about health care-based social care assessment and intervention activities. We've developed a table divided into six sections reflecting the health care stakeholder groups surveyed in these different initiatives: state Medicaid agencies, other payers, hospitals and health care systems, community health centers and primary care clinics, providers, and patients. When available, we include links to sites that describe the surveys or summarize findings. Information about sampling frames and response rates is also included in the table.

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Cartier Y, Pantell M, De Marchis E, Gottlieb L. National Surveys Gauging Prevalence of Social Care-Related Activities in the Health Care Sector. 2018 Available at

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