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Swimming together upstream: How to align MLP services with U.S. healthcare delivery

Sage WM, Warren KD
J Law Med Ethics

Medical-legal partnership (MLP) embeds attorneys and paralegals into care delivery to help clinicians address root causes of health inequities. Notwithstanding decades of favorable outcomes, MLP is not as well-known as might be expected. In this essay, the authors explore ways in which strategic alignment of legal services with healthcare services in terms of professionalism, information collection and sharing, and financing might help the MLP movement become a more widespread, sustainable model for holistic care delivery.

Sage WM, Warren KD. Swimming together upstream: how to align MLP services with U.S. healthcare delivery. J Law Med Ethics. 2023;51(4):786-797. DOI:10.1017/jme.2023.163. PMID: 38477273

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