Using social determinants of health data to improve health care and health: A learning report

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Social determinants have always played a fundamental role in our health and well-being, yet until recently collecting data about, and addressing these determinants has largely been done outside of health care systems. Now, however, the time is right for the health care system to get engaged in this work. Changes in the health care landscape, including value-based reimbursement, increased health system and provider accountability, and the addition of millions of people to the health insurance rolls, have created incentives and demand for addressing social determinants of health.

This report aims to provide the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and other health foundations with a perspective on the emerging intersection of social determinants of health, health care systems, and social and other services. These fields intersect in how and what data are collected, and in ways the data are used to improve health and well-being and promote a Culture of Health.

DeMilto L, Nakashian M. Using social determinants of health data to improve health care and health: a learning report. McKaughan M, ed. Princeton, NJ: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; 2016. Available online.

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