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April 2021 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff

Below is a selection of peer-reviewed publications added this month to the SIREN Evidence & Resource Library.

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Social Risk Awareness

An Approach to Selecting Single or Multiple Social Risk Factors for Clinic-Based Screening
J.F. Steiner, G.K. Goodrich, K.R. Moore, et al.

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Screening Discordance and Characteristics of Patients with Housing-Related Social Risks
E.H. De Marchis, S.A. Ettinger de Cuba, L. Chang, et al.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Using Malnutrition and Food Insecurity Screening to Identify Broader Health-Related Social Needs Amongst Older Adults Receiving Emergency Department Care in the Southeastern United States: A Cross-Sectional Study
A.F. Aylward, J. Engelberg Anderson, A. Morris, et al.

Health and Social Care in the Community

Use of Social Determinants of Health Codes in Home-Based Primary Care
D. Coppa, S.B. Winchester, E. McAlvin, M.B. Roberts, & X. Maestri
Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Getting Routine Intimate Partner Violence Screening Right: Implementation Strategies Used in Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Primary Care
O.L. Adjognon, J.E. Brady, M.R. Gerber, et al.

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Confidential Screening for Sex Trafficking Among Minors in a Pediatric Emergency Department
I.A. Hurst, D.C. Abdoo, S. Harpin, J. Leonard, & K. Adelgais


Social Care Assistance Programs

Prescribing Phones to Address Health Equity Needs in the COVID-19 Era: The PHONE-CONNECT Program
G. Kazevman, M. Mercado, J. Hulme, & A. Somers

Journal of Medical Internet Research

A Health-Related Social Needs Referral Program for Medicaid Beneficiaries Treated in an Emergency Department
P. Kulie, E. Steinmetz, S. Johnson, & M.L. McCarthy

American Journal of Emergency Medicine

Connecting Provider to Home: A Home-Based Social Intervention Program for Older Adults
G. Moreno, C.M. Mangione, C.H. Tseng, et al.

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Impacting Poverty with Medical Financial Partnerships Focused on Tax Incentives
G. Dalembert, A.G. Fiks, G. O’Neill, R. Rosin, & B.P. Jenssen

NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery

CommunityRx: Optimizing a Community Resource Referral Intervention for Minority Dementia Caregivers
E.M. Abramsohn, K.M. Paradise, C.M. Glover, et al.

Journal of Applied Gerontology

Comparative Effectiveness of a Complex Care Program for High-Cost/High-Need Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study
D.W. Roblin, J.E. Segel, R.J. McCarthy, & N. Mendiratta
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Veterans Are Agreeable to Discussions About Firearms Safety in Primary Care
S. Newell, E. Kenyon, K.D. Clark, et al.

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Homelessness & Housing Interventions

Comparison of Patient Experience Between Primary Care Settings Tailored for Homeless Clientele and Mainstream Care Settings
S.G. Kertesz, A.J. deRussy, Y.I. Kim, et al.

Medical Care

The Efficacy of the Geriatric Model of Care in Emergency Housing Programs for Homeless Veterans
Medical Care

J. Knapp, J. Betancur, C. Nabors, & F. Pascual

Effects of Permanent Supportive Housing on Health Care Utilization and Spending Among New Jersey Medicaid Enrollees Experiencing Homelessness
D. DeLia, J. Nova, S. Chakravarty, E. Tiderington, T. Kelly, & J.C. Cantor

Medical Care

Safety-Net Accountable Health Model Partnership Drives Inpatient Connection to Outpatient Social Services, Reducing Readmissions in a Population Experiencing Homelessness
H.M. Rhodes, H.L. Simon, H.G. Hume, et al.

Professional Case Management

Does Housing Improve Health Care Utilization and Costs? A Longitudinal Analysis of Health Administrative Data Linked to a Cohort of Individuals with a History of Homelessness
K. Wiens, R. Nisenbaum, E. Sucha, et al.

Medical Care

Social Risk Adjustment

Social Determinants Matter for Hospital Readmission Policy: Insights from New York City
M.C. Baker, P.M. Alberti, T.Y. Tsao, K. Fluegge, R.E. Howland, & M. Haberman

Health Affairs

Reports & Issue Briefs

Housing and Health: A Roadmap for the Future
American Hospital Association

Overcoming Barriers to Health Care Investment in Social Determinants of Health
K. Sweeney

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

Key Drivers to Improve Food Security and Health Outcomes: An Evidence Review of Food bank - Health Care Partnerships and Related Interventions
B.N. Cavaliere, K.S. Martin, M. Smith, & M. Hake

Feeding America and Institute for Hunger Research & Solutions at Foodshare

Commentaries & Blogs

Before the Bullets Fly: The Physician's Role in Preventing Firearm Injury
H.O. Abdallah & E.J. Kaufman

Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

Health Care for People Experiencing Homelessness-What Outcomes Matter?
K.M. Doran KM, A.P. Boyer AP, & M.C. Raven

JAMA Network Open

Multisector Partnerships Such as ACHs: How Can They Improve Population Health and Reduce Health Inequities?
C. Brunton, T.C. Duong, F. Jacobs, et al.
Health Affairs Blog

Adjusting Quality Measures for Social Risk Factors Can Promote Equity in Health Care
D.R. Nerenz, J.M. Austin, D. Deutscher, et al.

Health Affairs

Addressing social risk factors in value-based payment: Adjusting payment not performance to optimize outcomes and fairness
J.B. Jaffery & D. Gelb Safran
Health Affairs Blog

Codifying Social Determinants of Health: A Gap in the ICD-10-CM
Z.G. Jacobs

Journal of General Internal Medicine

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