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April 2024 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Below is a list of recently published research related to integrating social and medical care (and in some cases we have provided summaries of the results). See more articles like these in the searchable SIREN Evidence Library. As always, if you are aware of resources you think should be added to the Evidence Library, please send them our way!

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Parent Perspectives on Documentation and Sharing of Health-Related Social Needs Data Bouchelle Z, G Menko S, Yazdani M, et al. | Hospital Pediatrics

Health-related Social Needs Information in the Emergency Department: Clinician and Patient Perspectives on Availability and Use Mazurenko O, Hirsh AT, Harle CA, McNamee C, Vest JR | BMC Emergency Medicine

Health-Related Social Risks Versus Needs in a Pediatric Emergency Department Kanak MM, Stewart AM, Chang L, Fleegler EW | American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Assessment of Resident Physician Comfort in Screening for Social Determinants of Health in a Specialty Clinic Population Silverman EL, Sandsmark DK, Field RI | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Development of a Social Risk Score in the Electronic Health Record to Identify Social Needs Among Underserved Populations: Retrospective Study Hatef E, Chang HY, Richards TM, et al. | JMIR Formative Research

Food Insecurity Prevalence and Risk Factors at a Large Academic Medical Center in Michigan Leung CW, Patel MR, Miller M, et al. | JAMA Network Open


WellNest: A Medical Student-Run Housing Support Program Dalapati T, George IA, Tracey S, Chukrun T, Brown M, Biederman DJ | Academic Medicine

Technology, Data, People, and Partnerships in Addressing Unmet Social Needs Within Medicaid Managed Care Hogg-Graham R, Scott AM, Clear ER, Riley EN, Waters TM | BMC Health Services Research

Assessing and Addressing Social Determinants of Health in School-Based Health Centers in King County, Washington Gersch V, Garofalo L, Rigel S, et al. | Preventive Medicine Reports

Eligibility of Emergency Department Patients for Public Benefit Programs Harrison J, McDermott G, Dixon EL, et al. | Academic Emergency Medicine

WIC Staff and Healthcare Professional Perceptions of an EHR Intervention to Facilitate Referrals to and Improve Communication and Coordination with WIC: A Qualitative Study McCall A, Strahley AE, Martin-Fernandez KW, et al. | Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

Medical-Legal Partnerships

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics’ most recent issue focused on "Medical-Legal Partnerships: Equity, Evaluation, and Evolution." We list some of the articles below; you can review the full issue here.

A Clarion Call for Change: The MLP Imperative to Center Racial Discrimination and Structural Health Inequities Matthew DB, Benfer EA | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

A Data-Driven Approach to Optimizing Medical-Legal Partnership Performance and Joint Advocacy Beck AF, Henize AW, Klein MD, Corley AMS, Fink EE, Kahn RS | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

A Financial Case for a Medical-Legal Partnership: Reducing Lengths of Stay for Inpatient Care Richman BD, Barrett B, Mohan R, Sangvai D | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

A Financial Case for a Medical-Legal Partnership: Reducing Lengths of Stay for Inpatient Care Richman BD, Barrett B, Mohan R, Sangvai D | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Camden Coalition Medical-Legal Partnership: Year One Analysis of Civil + Criminal MLP Model in Addiction Medicine Setting Spiegel JS, Salzman MS, Jones I, Hacker L | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Swimming Together Upstream: How to Align MLP Services with U.S. Healthcare Delivery Sage WM, Warren KD | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Policy and Legal Issues

Is that Hospital Food Pantry an Illegal Patient Inducement? Analysis of Health Care Fraud Laws as Barriers to Food and Nutrition Security Interventions Landauer R, Seligman H, Pomeranz JL, Hager K, Mozaffarian D | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Targeting Health-Related Social Risks in the Clinical Setting: New Policy Momentum and Practice Considerations Shultz BN, Oladele CR, Leeds IL, Gluck AR, Gross CP | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

The Evolution and Scope of Medicaid Section 1115 Demonstrations to Address Nutrition: A US Survey Hanson E, Albert-Rozenberg D, Garfield KM, et al. | Health Affairs Scholar

Commentaries & Blogs

A Revolving Loan Fund Could Unleash the Power of Community-Based Organizations to Support Medicaid Beneficiaries Donovan S | Health Affairs Forefront

Building the Infrastructure to Integrate Social Care in a Safety Net Health System Callahan CM, Carter A, Carty HS, et al. | American Journal of Public Health

Food Is Medicine: The Road to Universal Coverage Peters A, Hughes IV R, Brown J | Health Affairs Forefront

Promoting Equity in Pediatric Health Care Through Language Services Reimbursement Schweiberger K, Patel M, Ragavan MI | Pediatrics

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