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January 2021 Research Round-Up

Peer Reviewed Articles

Expressed and Unexpressed Social Needs in Low-Income Adults in the U.S.
N. Verdecias, R. Garg, J. Steesnma, A. McQueen, R. Greer, & M.W. Kreuter
Health and Social Care in the Community

Addressing Social Needs in Health Care Settings: Evidence, Challenges, and Opportunities for Public Health
M.W. Kreuter, T. Thompson, A. McQueen, & R. Garg
Annual Review of Public Health

Using Self-Determination Theory to Understand the Social Prescribing Process: A Qualitative Study
S. Bhatti, J. Rayner, A.D. Pinto, K. Mulligan, & D.C. Cole

A Conceptual Framework for Addressing Social Needs Through the Accountable Health Communities Model
L. Highfield, G. Ferguson, R. Walsh, et al.
The American Journal of Accountable Care

Emergency Department Care Coordination Strategies and Perceived Impact Under Maryland's Hospital Payment Reforms
J.E. Galarraga, D. DeLia, D. Wilhite, et al.
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Department-Based Interventions Affecting Social Determinants of Health in The United States: A Scoping Review
L.A. Walter, E.M. Schoenfeld, C.H. Smith, at al.
Academic Emergency Medical

Social Determinants of Health, Personalized Medicine, and Child Maltreatment
W.G. Lane & H. Dubowitz
Pediatric Research

Diaper Need? You Can Bank on It
W.S. Berry & S.D. Blatt
Academic Pediatrics

"Eyes in the Home": Addressing Social Complexity in Veterans Affairs Home-Based Primary Care
E. Hulen, A. Laliberte, S. Ono, S. Saha, & S.T. Edwards
Journal General Internal Medicine

Receipt of Social Needs Assistance and Health Center Patient Experience of Care
K.H. Nguyen, A.N. Trivedi, & M.B. Cole
American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Results of an Initiative Supporting Community-Based Organizations and Health Care Clinics to Assist Individuals With Enrolling in SNAP
C. Kelly, A. Maytag, M. Allen, & C. Ross
Journal of Public Health Management Practice

Money Moves the Mare: The Response of Community-Based Organizations to Health Care's Embrace of Social Determinants
L.A. Taylor & E. Byhoff
Milbank Q


Realizing Resilience: A First Look at Health Center and Social Sector Response to Social Determinants of Health Needs During COVID-19
National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. and Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations


The National Academy of Medicine Social Care Framework and COVID-19 Care Innovations
L.M. Gottlieb, M.S. Pantell, & L.S. Solomon
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Housing is Mental Health Care: A Call for Medicaid Demonstration Waivers Covering Housing
J. Mathis
Psychiatric Services

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Ensuring Equity, Quality, and Sustainability
S. Sandhu, M.E. Lemmon, H. Eisenson, C. Crowder, & J. Prvu Bettger
Family and Community Health

Reflections on the Five Laws of Integrating Medical and Social Services—21 Years Later
S.M. Shortell
Milbank Q

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