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March 2022 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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March Research Round-Up
As always, articles in the round-up (and more!) can be found in the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Implementing Health-Related Social Needs Screening in Western Colorado Primary Care Practices: Qualitative Research to Inform Improved Communication with Patients
E.T. Broaddus-Shea, K. Fife Duarte, K. Jantz, J. Reno, L. Connelly, & A. Nederveld
Health and Social Care in the Community
This research was supported by a 2019 SIREN Grant. Information about SIREN funded projects is available here.

Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences in Primary Care: Challenges and Considerations
H. Dubowitz, D. Finkelhor, A. Zolotor, J. Kleven, & N. Davis

Multi-need interventions

Implementation and Evaluation of Social Determinants of Health Practice Models Within Community Pharmacy
A.A. Foster, C.J. Daly, T. Logan, et al.
Journal of the American Pharmacists Association

A Missed Opportunity? How Health Care Organizations Engage Primary Care Clinicians in Formal Social Care Efforts
T.K. Fraze, L.B. Beidler, & L.M. Gottlieb
Population Health Management

Advocacy in Action: a Comprehensive Student-Led Proactive Outreach to Patients at Highest Risk
R.S. Goldstein, A.R. Greenhouse, A. Om, et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine

A Mixed Methods Study to Inform and Evaluate a Longitudinal Nurse Practitioner/Community Health Worker Intervention to Address Social Determinants of Health and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Self-Management
L. Kearney, R.S. Weiner, M. Dahodwala, et al.
BMC Pulmonary Medicine

Pragmatic Clinical Trial to Improve Patient Experience Among Adults During Transitions from Hospital to Home: the PArTNER Study
S.L. LaBedz, V. Prieto-Centurion, A. Mutso, et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine

COVID-19 and Social Determinants of Health: Medicaid Managed Care Organizations' Experiences with Addressing Member Social Needs
S.T. Opoku, B.A. Apenteng, L. Kimsey, A. Peden, & C. Owens
PLoS One

Family Connects: A Novel Social Needs Program within a Pediatric Emergency Department
L.A.H. VonHoltz, A.L. Murray, & D.L. Cullen
Academic Pediatrics

Food insecurity interventions

Connecting Families at Risk for Food Insecurity With Nutrition Assistance Through a Clinical-Community Direct Referral Model
A. Carpenter, A.M. Kuchera, & J.S. Krall
Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

A Community Partnership to Evaluate the Feasibility of Addressing Food Insecurity Among Adult Patients in an Urban Healthcare System
K. Scher, A. Sohaki, A. Tang, A. Plum, M. Taylor, & C. Joseph
Pilot and Feasibility Studies

Feasibility of Food FARMacia: Mobile Food Pantry to Reduce Household Food Insecurity in Pediatric Primary Care
J.A. Woo Baidal, D. Meyer, I. Partida, et al.

Pediatrician-Prescribed Grocery Delivery for Families Facing Food Insecurity
A.N. Wright, J.Z. Timmons, M.K. Hole
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved


Evaluating A Nonemergency Medical Transportation Benefit For Accountable Care Organization Members
S.A. Berkowitz, K.B. Ricks, J. Wang, M. Parker, R. Rimal, D.A. DeWalt
Health Affairs

Prioritizing Child Health: Promoting Adherence to Well-Child Visits in an Urban, Safety-Net Health System During the COVID-19 Pandemic
A. Garg, T. Wilkie, A. LeBlanc, et al.
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

A SIREN star goes to this study for its description of how focused efforts to address racial inequities in health care access, including through reducing transportation barriers, led to decreased racial inequities.

Medical-legal partnerships

Reductions In Hospitalizations Among Children Referred To A Primary Care-Based Medical-Legal Partnership
A.F. Beck, A.W. Henize, T. Qiu, et al.
Health Affairs

A Care Coordinator Screening Strategy to Address Health Harming Legal Needs
D. Berg, A. Setrini, K. Chan, A. Cibulskis, K. Ameji, & K. Hinami
BMC Health Services Research

The Case for Integrating Medical-Legal Partnerships into Trauma Care
E.C. Hall, J.J. Current, J.A. Sava, & J.E. Rosen
Journal of Surgical Research

Reducing Asthma Exacerbations in Vulnerable Children Through a Medical-Legal Partnership
A.S. Mainardi, D. Harris, A. Rosenthal, C.A Redlich, B. Hu, & A.M. Fenick
Journal of Asthma  

financial partnership

A Medical Financial Partnership in a Pediatric Medical Home
M.A. Markowitz, A. Harper, M.S. Rosenthal, et al.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Social Risk Adjustment 

Medicaid Social Risk Adjustment in Oregon: Perspectives from Stakeholders
R. Edelson, C.M. Hood-Ronick, & P. Muennig
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Reports & Issue Briefs

Pandemic-Driven Health Policies to Address Social Needs and Health Equity
W.K. Bleser, H. Shen, H.L. Crook, et al.
Health Affairs Health Policy Brief

A Spotlight on Aligning Clinical Partners to a Collective Vision to Address Health-Related Social Needs
K. Cowen, R. Nakajima, & T.A. Weintraub
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Leveraging Community Partnerships: How Advisory Boards Advance Screening, Referral, and Navigation Efforts
R. Kogan, S. Robinson, B. Singhakiat, et al.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Advancing Screening, Referral, and Navigation Beyond the AHC Model
R. Nakajima, M. Gruszczynski, K. Cowen, J. Dickey, & M. Talwar-Hebert
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  

Commentaries & Blogs  

North Carolina's Healthy Opportunities Pilots Focus Attention on Housing as a Health Care Intervention
E. Dohler, K.B. Ricks, & S.A. Berkowitz
North Carolina Medical Journal 

Why Add “Abolition” to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Social Care Framework?
L.M. Gottlieb, S.T. Lindau, & M.E. Peek
AMA Journal of Ethics

Bringing Geospatial Awareness to Community Pediatrics and Primary Care
M. Trivedi, A.F. Beck, & A. Garg