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November 2023 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Below is a list of recently published research related to integrating social and medical care. See more articles like these in the searchable SIREN Evidence Library. As always, if you are aware of resources you think should be added to the Evidence Library, please send them our way!

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Application of Natural Language Processing to Identify Social Needs from Patient Medical Notes: Development and Assessment of a Scalable, Performant, and Rule-Based Model in an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System Gray GM, Zirikly A, Ahumada LM, et al. | JAMIA Open

Assessing Differences in Social Determinants of Health Screening Rates in a Large, Urban Safety-Net Health System Lindenfeld Z, Chen K, Kapur S, Chang JE | Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

Rates of Screening for Social Determinants of Health in Pregnancy Across a Statewide Maternity Care Quality Collaborative Peahl AF, Chang C, Daniels G, et al. | American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Evaluation of the Predictive Value of Routinely Collected Health-Related Social Needs Measures Savitz ST, Inselman S, Nyman MA, Lee M | Population Health Management

Patient Perspectives on Social Risk Screening and Documentation in a Dermatology Clinic Wilkerson K, De Marchis E, Rudd N, et al. | JAMA Dermatology

Telephone-based Social Health Screening by Pharmacists in the Nonadherent Medicare Population Wu L, Chang C, Lo K, et al. | Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy

Screening implementation

Finding Meaning: A Realist-Informed Perspective on Social Risk Screening and Relationships as Mechanisms of Change Bunce AE, Morrissey S, Kaufmann J, Krancari M, Bowen M, Gold R | Frontiers in Health Services

Designing an Implementation Strategy to Increase Health-Related Social Needs Screening: Applying the Prism Framework in a Resource-Limited Clinical Setting Byhoff E, LeClair AM, Smith CN, Roy TK, Drainoni ML | Translational Behavioral Medicine

Social Needs in the Prehospital Setting (SNIPS): EMS Attitudes Toward Addressing Patient Social Needs Berger D, Caldwell C, Robbins ME, Gurley A, Mann J | International Journal of Paramedicine

Learning in Real World Practice: Identifying Implementation Strategies to Integrate Health-Related Social Needs Screening Within a Large Health System Fiori K, Levano S, Haughton J, et al. | Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

Assessing the Feasibility of an Empathic Inquiry Approach to Social Needs Screening in 10 Federally Qualified Health Centers Singer AR, Coleman KF, Mahmud A, Holden E, Stefanik-Guizlo K | The Permanente Journal


Effect of a Social Care Intervention on Health Care Experiences of Caregivers of Hospitalized Children: A Randomized Clinical Trial Glasser NJ, Lindau ST, Wroblewski K, et al. | JAMA Pediatrics

Addressing Social Needs in Clinical Settings: Early Lessons from Accountable Health Communities Beidler LB, Colvin JD, Winterer CM, Fraze TK | Population Health Management 

Changes in Health Care Utilization During the First 2 Years of Massachusetts Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations Sabatino MJ,  Mick EO,  Ash AS,  Himmelstein J,  Alcusky MJ | Population Health Management

Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Family Medicine Practices Sand J,  Morgan ZJ,  Peterson LE | Population Health Management

Food interventions

The Design and Impact of a Clinic-Based Community Program on Food Insecurity, Healthy Eating Behaviors, and Mood Ardoin TW, Perry E, Morgan C, Hymowitz J, Mercante D | Nutrients

Using Community-Based Participatory Research Methods to Inform the Development of Medically Tailored Food Kits for Hispanic/Latine Adults with Hypertension: A Qualitative Study Crusan A, Roozen K, Godoy-Henderson C, Zamarripa K, Remache A | Nutrients

Food Pantry Referral and Utilization in a Pediatric Primary Care Clinic Egan KA, Xuan Z, Hofman M, et al. | American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Food is Medicine Intervention Shows Promise for Engaging Patients Attending a Safety-net Hospital in the Southeast United States Owens C, Cook M, Goetz J, et al. | Frontiers Public Health

Housing interventions

Facilitating Exit from Encampments: Combining Low-Barrier Transitional Housing with Stabilizing Treatment for Substance Related Problems Komaromy M, Stone A, Peterson A, Gott J, Koenig R, Taylor JL | Addiction Science & Clinical Practice 

Assessing the Impact of Recovery Housing on Healthcare Utilization in Portland, Oregon Roth SE, Jones KG, Vartanian KB | Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports 


Organizational and Community Resilience for COVID-19 and Beyond: Leveraging a System for Health and Social Services Integration Fleming MD, Safaeinili N, Knox M, Brewster AL | Health Services Research 

Commentaries & Blogs

A Social ACO for Medicaid Managed Care Batniji R, Agrawal S, Ma S, Basu S | Health Affairs Forefront

How Health Care Organizations Should Support Social Services Butler SM | JAMA Health Forum 

Screening for Housing Needs — Or Preventing Them? Meehan A, Sharfstein J | The Milbank Quarterly

A Model of Care for Patients with Low Income DeBonis RS | Nurse Practice

Integrating Lawyers Into Perinatal Care Teams to Address Unmet, Health-Harming Legal Needs Patchen L,  Richardson R,  McCullers A,  Girard V | Obstetrics and Gynecology

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