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The SIREN Evidence & Resource Library has expanded to include both peer-reviewed publications and other types of resources such as webinars and screening tools/toolkits on medical and social care integration. To limit your search to peer-reviewed articles, select Peer Reviewed Research under Resource Type. If you have questions about how to use the library or suggestions about additional resources, view this help document or write us at siren@ucsf.edu.

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CBO perspectives on community resource referral platforms: Findings from year 1 of highlighting and assessing referral platform participation (HARP)

Y. Cartier, J. Burnett, C. Fichtenberg, E. Morganstern, N. Terens, S. Altschuler, G. Paulson
Trenton Health Team

In 2020, Trenton Health Team received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to test ways to improve use of the NowPow community resource referral platform among Trenton community-based organizations.

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How do safety net clinics pay for social care programs?

L. Gottlieb, N. Razon, N. Aboelata
Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network

As the evidence mounts demonstrating that social and economic circumstances shape health outcomes and costs, the health care sector is increasingly investing in activities to mitigate patients’ adverse social risks as a routine part of health care delivery.

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