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December 2021 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff

December 2021 Research Round-Up

Peer-reviewed articles


Comparing Health Care System and Physician Practice Influences on Social Risk Screening
J.L. Frehn, A.L. Brewster, S.M. Shortell, & H.P. Rodriguez
Health Care Management Review

Food Insecurity in a Pediatric Emergency Department and the Feasibility of Universal Screening
J.V. Gonzalez, E.A. Hartford, J. Moore, & J.C. Brown
Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

Sensitivity and Specificity of Real-World Social Factor Screening Approaches
J.R. Vest, W. Wu, & E.A. Mendonca
Journal of Medical Systems

The Direct Clinic-Level Cost of the Implementation and Use of a Protocol to Assess and Address Social Needs in Diverse Community Health Center Primary Care Clinical Settings
C. Drake, K. Reiter, M. Weinberger, et al.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved


Social Risk Interventions and Health Care Utilization for Pediatric Asthma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
J. Tyris, S. Keller, & K. Parikh
JAMA Pediatrics

The Effect of a Mobile Integrated Health Program on Health Care Cost and Utilization
D.B. Gingold, Y. Liang, B. Stryckman, & D. Marcozzi

Health Services Research

A Community Resource Liaison Embedded in Pediatric Primary Care Mitigates Social Risks Through Identification and Connection
C.G. Hensley, L. Lungelow, A.W. Henize, et al.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

System Redesign: The Value of a Primary Care Liaison Model to Address Unmet Social Needs Among Older Primary Care Patients
J. Kim, V Pacino, H. Wang, et al.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

An Outreach Phone Call Project: Using Home Health to Reach Isolated Community Dwelling Adults During the COVID 19 Lockdown
S. Miner, L Masci, C. Chimenti, N. Rin, A. Mann, & B. Noonan
Journal of Community Health

Utilization Patterns of a Food Referral Program: Findings From the Mid-Ohio Farmacy
D. M. Walker, M.J. DePuccio, J.L. Hefner, et al.
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Patient Perspectives: Valuable Food Insecurity Interventions
C. Kress, J. Durvasula, A. Knievel, et al.

Interprofessional Education in Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLPs) to Address Social Determinants of Health
L.A. Gard, T. Bartell, A.K. Shah, et al.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

"Housing is Health Care": Treating Homelessness in Safety-Net Hospitals
C. Hanssmann, J.K. Shim, I.H. Yen, et al.
Medical Anthropology Quarterly

What Do EHRs Tell Us About How We Deploy Health Professionals to Address the Social Determinants of Health
E.L. Richman, B.M. Lombardi, L. de Saxe Zerden, & A.B. Forte
Social Work in Public Health

Aligning Health Care and Social Services for Patients With Complex Needs: The Multiple Roles of Interorganizational Relationships
A.L. Brewster
Advances in Health Care Management

Adding a Seat at the Table: A Case Study of the Provider's Perspective on Integrating Community Health Workers at Provider Practices in California
C.A. Paulson, E.M. Durazo, L.D. Purry, et al.
Front Public Health

Other relevant peer-reviewed research

How Hypertension Guidelines Address Social Determinants of Health: A Systematic Scoping Review
N. Razon, D. Hessler, K. Bibbins-Domingo, & L. Gottlieb
Medical Care

Integrated Health and Social Care in the United States: A Decade of Policy Progress
S. Sandhu, A. Sharma, R. Cholera, & J.P. Bettger
International Journal for Integrated Care

Integrated Primary Care and Social Services for Older Adults With Multimorbidity in England: A Scoping Review
H. Dambha-Miller, G. Simpson, L. Hobson, et al.
BMC Geriatrics

Reports & Issue Briefs

Fighting Hunger by Connecting Cross-Sector Partners and Centering Lived Expertise
A. Beers, V. Finisse, K. Moses, D. Crumley, & D. Sullivan
Center for Health Care Strategies

Conceptualizing Performance Measurement for Social Care Interventions: An Issue Brief for State Medicaid Agencies
E.M. Brown, C. Fichtenberg, T. Fraze, S. Bernheim, & L.M. Gottlieb
State Health and Value Strategies

Modernizing Consent to Advance Health and Equity
D. Stein, B. Handspicker, M. Bishop, et al.
Stewards of Change Institute

Addressing the Drivers of Health: Engaging Members and Patients, Employees, and Communities Beyond Health
K. Gebreyes, J. Lee, D. Rabinowitz, C. Boozer Cruse, & M. Wagh
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

Leveraging Community Information Exchanges for Equitable and Inclusive Data: The CIE Data Equity Framework
R. Boyd, K. Grounds, B. Johnson, et al.
211/ CIE San Diego

Commentaries & Blogs

Applying Value Chain Thinking to Social Drivers of Health: A Framework and Two Case Studies
A. Schweitzer, A. Pham, M. Aliber, A. De Kesel Lofthus, K. Brooks, & N.S. Mohta
NEJM Catalyst

The Role of Medicaid in Addressing Social Drivers of Health: MCO Community Investment Requirements
M. Ferguson & N. Newman
Manatt Health

Using Federal Funds to Address Drivers of Health For COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond
M.K. Cohen, S.A. Mette, F.F. Norwood, & R. Schwartz
Health Affairs Blog

Minding the Access Gap: Addressing Both the Digital and Transportation Divides to Improve Outcomes
G. Maliha, M. Adelberg, & K.H. Chaiyachati
Health Affairs Blog

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