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July Research Round-Up

Full July 2020 Research Round-Up

Articles connecting COVID-19 and social risk screening/interventions

Structural Racism, Social Risk Factors, and Covid-19 — A Dangerous Convergence for Black Americans
L.E. Egede & R.J. Walker
The New England Journal of Medicine

Addressing Homelessness and Covid-19 Quarantine: A Streamlined Assessment and Referral Process
K. Hadden, D. Partlow, H. Liverett, N. Payakachat, et al.
NEJM Catalyst

Medicaid Managed Care Plans Have an Opportunity to Play a Key Role in Recovery
J. Cantor, R. Tobey, & T. Kirui
Health Affairs Blog

Addressing Community Needs and Preparing for the Secondary Impacts of Covid-19
A. Quinn & M. Laws
NEJM Catalyst

The Impact of COVID-19 on PRAPARE Social Determinants of Health Domains
National Association of Community Health Centers & PRAPARE

Community Workers Lend Human Connection To COVID-19 Response
R. Waters
Health Affairs

The Double Pandemic of Social Isolation And COVID-19: Cross-Sector Policy Must Address Both
J. Holt-Lundstad
Health Affairs Blog

Broadband Internet Access is a Social Determinant of Health!
N.C. Benda, T.C. Veinot, C.J. Sieck, & J.S. Ancker
American Journal of Public Health

Trying Times and Trying Out Solutions: Intimate Partner Violence Screening and Support for Women Veterans During COVID-19
F.S. Rossi, M. Shankar, K. Buckholdt, Y. Bailey, et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Articles related to social risk screening

Developing Primary Care-Based Recommendations for Social Determinants of Health: Methods of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
K.W. Davidson, A.R. Kemper, C.A. Doubeni, C. Tseng, et al.
Annals of Internal Medicine

Social Needs Screening and Referral Program at a Large US Public Hospital System, 2017
C. Berry, M. Paul, R. Massar, R.K. Marcello, & M. Krauskopf
American Journal of Public Health

Universal Screening of Social Determinants of Health at a Large US Academic Medical Center, 2018
D. Meyer, E. Lerner, A. Phillips, & K. Zumwalt
American Journal of Public Health

Implementing a Social Determinants Screening and Referral Infrastructure During Routine Emergency Department Visits, Utah, 2017-2018
A.S. Wallace, B. Luther, J.W. Guo, C.Y. Wang, et al.
Preventing Chronic Disease

Articles on social services interventions

Addressing Financial Strain Through a Peer-to-Peer Intervention in Primary Care
A.D. Pinto, M. Da Ponte, M. Bondy, A. Craig-Neil, et al.
Family Practice

Medical-Legal-Psychology Partnerships - Innovation in Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Pediatric Primary Care
R. Lawton, M. Whitehead, A. Henize, E. Fink, et al.
Academic Pediatrics

Cost-effectiveness of Leveraging Social Determinants of Health to Improve Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer Screening: A Systematic Review
G. Mohan & S. Chattopadhyay
JAMA Oncology

Development of a Medically Tailored Hospital-Based Food Pantry System
F.M. Gany, S. Yorga, J. Ramirez, & L. Paolantonio
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Food is Medicine: Actions to Integrate Food and Nutrition into Healthcare
S. Downer, S.A. Berkowitz, T.S. Harlan, D.L. Olstad, & D. Mozaffarian

Scientific Literature on Food and Nutrition Security in Primary Health Care: A Scoping Review
F. Cangussu Botelho, I. França Junior, L. Dias da Silva Guerra, S/ Ferrari Rodrigues, & L. Vicente Tonacio
Global Public Health

Food Insecurity and Health: Practices and Policies to Address Food Insecurity among Children
H. Hartline-Grafton H & S.G. Hassink
Academic Pediatrics

Demonstrated Health Care Cost Savings for Women: Findings from a Community Health Worker Intervention Designed to Address Depression and Unmet Social Needs
E.R. Embick, D.D. Maeng, I. Juskiewicz, C. Cerulli, et al.
Archives of Women’s Mental Health

Effects of a Standardized Community Health Worker Intervention on Hospitalization Among Disadvantaged Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Pooled Analysis of Three Clinical Trials
A. Vasan, J.W. Morgan, N. Mitra, C. Xu, et al.
Health Services Research

Early Lessons and Strategies from Statewide Efforts to Integrate Community Health Workers into Medicaid
R. George, R. Gunn, N. Wiggins, R. Rowland, et al.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

A Cross-Cutting Workforce Solution for Implementing Community–Clinical Linkage Models
N. Islam, E.S. Rogers, A. Schoenthaler, L.E. Thorpe, & D. Shelley
American Journal of Public Health

Embracing the Complexity of Modifiable Risk Reduction: A Registry of Modifiable Risks for 0-12 Month Infants
L. Falletta, M. Redding, J.Cairns, M. Albugmi, et al.
Preventive Medicine

Understanding Barriers to and Facilitators of Case Management in Primary Care: A Systematic Review and Thematic Synthesis
M.H. Teper, I. Vedel, X.Q. Yang, E. Margo-Dermer, & C. Hudon
Annals of Family Medicine

Look Beyond Hotspotting to Focus on a Broader Population’s Unmet Social Needs
J. Seidman, R. Bardin, A. Napoles, & M. Khan
Health Affairs Blog

Social Determinants of Health Referrals in Medicaid and the Role of Medicaid Managed Care Contracts
K. Honsberger & A.M. Tanga
National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP)

High-Risk Care Coordination: Opportunities, Barriers, and Innovative Initiatives in Medicaid
C. Bakst & R. Longyear
Institute for Medicaid Innovation

Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence and Beliefs About Partner Violence Screening Among Young Men
T.B. Walsh, R.C. Seabrook, R.M. Tolman, S.J. Lee, & V. Singh
Annals of Family Medicine

Disruption of a Primary Health Care Domestic Violence and Abuse Service in Two London Boroughs: Interrupted Time Series Evaluation
J. Panovska-Griffiths, A.H. Sohal, P. Martin, E. Barbosa Capelas, et al.
BMC Health Services Research

Middle-Aged Women's Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence Screening and Disclosure: "It's a Private Matter. It's an Embarrassing Situation."
M.E. Dichter, L. Makaroun, A. Tuepker, G. True, et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Supporting Adolescents and Young Adults Exposed to or Experiencing Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic
M.I. Ragavan, A.J. Culyba, F.L. Muhammad, & E. Miller
Journal of Adolescent Health

Strengthening the U. S. Medication Safety Net by Connecting Abundance to Need
C.C. Chima, M.A. Bruce, D.B. Pendergrass, R.J. Thorpe, et al.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Nature as a Community Health Tool: The Case for Healthcare Providers and Systems
E.C. South, M.C. Kondo, & N. Razani
American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Prevention, Health Promotion, and Social Work: Aligning Health and Human Service Systems Through a Workforce for Health
A.M. Ross & L. de Saxe Zerden
American Journal of Public Health

Improving Equity Through Primary Care: Proceedings of the 2019 Toronto International Conference on Quality in Primary Care
B. O’Neill, R. Ferrer, P. O’Brien, G. Watt, et al.
Annals of Family Medicine

An Educational Initiative to Affect Poverty and Social Determinants of Health-Related Knowledge and Attitudes in Primary Care Settings
R.S. DeBonis, J.R. Meyer, L.D. Brodersen
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Enhanced Care Planning and Clinical-Community Linkages Versus Usual Care to Address Basic Needs of Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Clinician-Level Randomized Controlled Trial
A.H. Krist, K. O'Loughlin, S.H. Woolf, R.T. Sabo, et al.

Articles on big social data and predictive modeling

Precision Health-Enabled Machine Learning to Identify Need for Wraparound Social Services Using Patient- and Population-Level Data Sets: Algorithm Development and Validation
S.N. Kasthurirathne, S. Grannis, P.K. Halverson, J. Morea, et al.
JMIR Medical Informatics

Artificial Intelligence and Medical Humanities
K. Ostherr
Journal of Medical Humanities

Applying Big Data to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Oncology: Proceedings of a Workshop
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Articles on the health care sector’s role in addressing social conditions

A Society of General Internal Medicine Position Statement on the Internists' Role in Social Determinants of Health
E.Byhoff, S. Kangovi, S.A. Berkowitz, M. DeCamp, et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Ethics and Spheres of Influence in Addressing Social Determinants of Health
M. DeCamp, K. DeSalvo K, & E. Dzeng
Journal of General Internal Medicine

A Theory of Change for Aligning Health Care, Public Health, and Social Services in the Time of COVID-19
G.M. Landers, K.J. Minyard, D. Lanford, & H. Heishman
American Journal of Public Health

A Framework for Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Social Determinants of Health Initiative
E.R. Parrill
Journal of Healthcare Management