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September Research Round-Up

See below for a selection of publications recently added to the SIREN Evidence & Resource Library. Due to increases in the number of relevant articles this month we are not providing descriptions of the articles. If you miss them, let us know.
Peer-reviewed articles

Social needs screening
Basic Social Resource Needs Screening in the Gynecologic Oncology Clinic: A Quality Improvement Initiative
A.L Beavis, A. Sanneh, R.L Stone, et al.
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

How Do Social Needs Cluster Among Low-Income Individuals?
M.W. Kreuter, R. Garg, L. Li, et al.
Population Health Management

Housing needs
Prescribing Housing: A Scoping Review of Health System Efforts to Address Housing as a Social Determinant of Health
J. Koeman & R. Mehdipanah
Population Health Management

Caring for Patients with Lived Experience of Homelessness
A. Andermann, G Bloch, R. Goel, et al.
Canadian Family Physician

Community-Derived Recommendations for Healthcare Systems and Medical Students to Support People Who are Houseless in Portland, Oregon: A Mixed-Methods Study
C. King, C. Fisher, J. Johnson, A. Chun, D. Bangsberg, & P. Carder
BMC Public Health

Environmental Health Consults in Children Hospitalized with Respiratory Infections
A. Nelson, A.J. Salkoski, B. Richards, et al.
Journal of Community Health

Food needs
A Systematic Scoping Review of How Healthcare Organizations Are Facilitating Access to Fruits and Vegetables in Their Patient Populations
S. Veldheer, C. Scartozzi, A. Knehans, et al.
The Journal of Nutrition

Stability of Food Insecurity Status in Paediatric Primary Care
K.A. Courts, R.A. Hubbard, H.B. Kersten, & H. Klusaritz
Public Health Nutrition

Beyond Clinical Food Prescriptions and Mobile Markets: Parent Views on the Role of a Healthcare Institution in Increasing Healthy Eating in Food Insecure Families
E.L. DeWit, E.M. Meissen-Sebelius, R.P. Shook, et al.
Nutrition Journal

Transportation needs
Rethinking Rideshares: A Transportation Assistance Pilot for Pediatric Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
S. Vais, L. Thomson, A Williams, & A. Sobota
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Legal needs
National Survey of Legal Clinics Housed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to Inform Partnerships with Health and Community Services
C. Timko, E. Taylor, A. Nash, et al.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Patient perspectives on health care based social needs interventions
“Having a Normal Life”: A Qualitative Study on Client Goal-Setting Within a Health Care and Social Needs Navigation Program
K. LaForge, P. Wros, K.J. Bradley, & K. Beiers-Jones
The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Patient and Community Organization Perspectives on Accessing Social Resources from the Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study
M.E. Samuels-Kalow, M.F. Molina, G.E. Ciccolo, et al.
Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

Social risk adjustment
Clinicians with High Socially At-Risk Caseloads Received Reduced Merit-Based Incentive Payment System Scores
K.J. Johnston, J.M. Hockenberry, R.K. Wadhera, & K.E. Joynt Maddox
Health Affairs

Association Between Patient Social Risk and Physician Performance Scores in the First Year of Merit-Based Incentive Payment System
D. Khullar, W.L. Schpero, A.M. Bond, Y. Qian, & L.P. Casalino

Adjustment for Social Risk Factors Does Not Meaningfully Affect Performance on Medicare’s MIPS Clinician Cost Measures
A.T. Sandhu, J. Bhattacharya, J. Lam, et al.
Health Affairs

Reports and issue briefs

Key to Cross-Sector Collaboration: Learning from the Implementation of a Comprehensive Social Continuum Assessment (CSCA)
K. Grounds, N. Blumenfeld, S.N. McKinlay, & D. Francis
Health Leads & San Diego 2-1-1

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Altered Population Health Management, Creating New Opportunities for Outreach
John Snow, Inc.
Center for Care Innovations

Building a Statewide Subscription Model for Medical-Legal-Partnership Services in Montana with Help from a PCA
National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership & Montana Primary Care Association


Addressing Childhood Poverty in Pediatric Clinical Settings: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Is a Missed Opportunity
M.G. Parker, A. Garg, & M.A. McConnell
JAMA Pediatrics

Connected Communities of Care in Times of Crisis
K.C. Kosel & D.B. Nash
NEJM Catalyst

Food Insecurity and Health: Addressing Food Needs for Medicaid Enrollees as Part of COVID-19 Response Efforts
C. Hall, S. Artiga, K. Orgera, & R. Garfield
Kaiser Family Foundation

Health Care’s Social Movement Should Not Leave Science Behind
S.A. Berkowitz & S. Kangovi
Milbank Quarterly Opinion

Maintaining Social Connections in the Setting of COVID-19 Social Distancing: A Call to Action
M.S. Pantell & L. Shields-Zeeman
American Journal of Public Health

The Right to Food: Building Upon “Food is Medicine”
E.K. Barnidge, S.H. Stenmark, M. DeBor, & H.K. Seligman
American Journal of Preventive Medicine