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The SIREN Evidence & Resource Library has expanded to include both peer-reviewed publications and other types of resources such as webinars and screening tools/toolkits on medical and social care integration. To limit your search to peer-reviewed articles, select Peer Reviewed Research under Resource Type. If you have questions about how to use the library or suggestions about additional resources, view this help document or write us at siren@ucsf.edu.

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Recognition of the impact of social risks on health has spurred widespread interest in social risk screening across the US health care sector.

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Screening tools comparison tables

Y. Cartier, C. Fichtenberg, L. Gottlieb

SIREN has compiled information from several of the most widely used social health screening tools for stakeholders interested in comparing these instruments.

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Identifying food insecurity in health care settings: A review of the evidence

J. Torres, E. De Marchis, C. Fichtenberg, L. Gottlieb
Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network

Food insecurity (FI), or the limited access to adequate food due to a lack of money or other resources, is associated with poor health across the life-course.

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