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August 2021 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff

In this month’s Research Round-up, we’ve highlighted new review articles and flagged a few additional pieces our team found of particular interest. We hope this helps you navigate the new research on social care programs. As always, all the articles in the round-up (and more!) can be found in the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Awareness/Social Risk Screening 

Identification of Factors Related to Food Insecurity and the Implications for Social Determinants of Health Screenings
A.R. Banks, B.A. Bell, D. Ngendahimana, M. Embaye, D.A. Freedman, & D.J. Chisolm
BMC Public Health

Implementing Screening for Social Determinants of Health Using the Core 5 Screening Tool
A. Bradywood, T.S. Leming-Lee, R. Watters, & C. Blackmore
BMJ Open Quality



REVIEW: Screening and Referral Care Delivery Services and Unmet Health-Related Social Needs: A Systematic Review
E. Ruiz Escobar, S. Pathak, & C.M. Blanchard
Preventing Chronic Disease

REVIEW: Provider Impacts of Socioeconomic Risk Screening and Referral Programs: A Scoping Review
A. Quiñones-Rivera, H.E. Wing, J. Barr-Walker, M. Yee, J.M. Harrison, & L.M. Gottlieb
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

REVIEW: Care Transitions and Social Needs: A Geriatric Emergency Care Applied Research (GEAR) Network Scoping Review and Consensus Statement
C.J. Gettel, C.I. Voils, A.A. Bristol, et al
Academic Emergency Medicine

The Impact of a Pediatric Medical-Legal Partnership on Pediatric Providers
S.N. Murillo, A. Rosenthal, A.M. Fenick, D. Keene
Academic Pediatrics

Perspectives of Caregivers Experiencing Persistent Food Insecurity at an Academic Primary Care Clinic
I.L. Tablazon, D. Palakshappa, F.C. O'Brian, et al.
Academic Pediatrics

Post-Identification Approaches to Addressing Health-Related Social Needs in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study
L. Zellmer, B. Johnson, A. Idris, C.J. Mehus, & I.W. Borowsky
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Addressing the Social Needs of Medicaid Enrollees Through Managed Care: Lessons and Promising Practices from the Field
B.A. Apenteng, L. Kimsey, S.T. Opoku, C. Owens, A.H. Peden, & W.A. Mase
Population Health Management

Sharing Information About Health-Related Resources: Observations from a Community Resource Referral Intervention Trial in a Predominantly African American/Black Community
S.T. Lindau, J.A. Makelarski, E.M. Abramsohn, et al.
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology
SIREN Team Note: This article earned a SIREN Star Award this month for most interesting findings.

A Community Partnership to House and Care for Complex Patients
S. Gondi, S.I. Berchuck, R.T. Brown, et al.
NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery

The Role of Community-Based Organizations in Improving Chronic Care for Safety-Net Populations
K.H. Nguyen, J.D. Fields, A.G. Cemballi, et al.
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine



Healthcare Lobbying on Upstream Social Determinants of Health in the US
N.Z. Counts, L.A. Taylor, C.E. Willison, & S. Galea
Preventive Medicine
SIREN Team Note: This article earned a SIREN Star Award this month as an original research article on social care Advocacy-related topics. 


Using Social Data in Risk Prediction Models

REVIEW: Social Determinants in Machine Learning Cardiovascular Disease Predicition Models: A Systematic Review
Y. Zhao, E.P. Wood, N. Mirin, S.H. Cook, & R. Chunara
American Journal of Preventive Medicine


Reports, Issue Briefs, & Toolkits

Advancing Resilience and Community Health
Nonprofit Finance Fund
SIREN Team Note: There’s a "mic drop" component of this report on community-based organization + health care contracts!

Collecting Standardized Data on Social Determinants of Health to Address Structural Racism, Drive Health Equity and Respond to COVID-19
A. Ayson, J. Lee, K.C. Alarcon, N. Tarrant, S. Halpin, & Y. de la Cruz
National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc., & Association of Asian Pacific
Community Health Organizations

Assessing the Impact of Complex Care Models: Opportunities to Fill in the Gaps
K. Silverman & T. Dumanovsky
Center for Health Care Strategies
SIREN Team Note: New proposed measures reflecting care integration are included in Appendices A and B. 

Addressing Food Insecurity: Concrete Advice from Clinic Leaders and Addressing Transportation Insecurity: Concrete Advice from Clinic Leaders
Center for Care Innovations


Commentaries & Editorials

The Need for Improved Coding to Document the Social Determinants of Health
F. Handerer, P. Kinderman, & S. Tai
Lancet Psychiatry

Doctors Have an Ethical Obligation to Ask Patients About Food Insecurity: What is Stopping Us?
J.K. Knight & Z. Fritz
Journal of Medical Ethics

Health Equity and Value-Based Payment Systems: Moving Beyond Social Risk Adjustment
S. Sheingold, R. Zuckerman, N. DeLew, & B.D. Sommers
Health Affairs Blog

Medical Debt as a Social Determinant of Health
C.F. Mendes de Leon & J.J. Griggs


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